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"It's Not Like a Computer. It Is a Computer.


if the size of computer decreases, possibilities of usages increases, What happens if decreased to your middle finger, usages become END LESS - Sit back, Relax & Break your head in supplementing this Innovation in your Innovation / Entertainment !!!

Athletic Intel Atom Quad Core Processor with 2GB of Ram | 32 GB Storage alongside Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Micro SD Slot & USB 2.0 in just 0.035 Litre Form Factor is Awesome !!!

This tiny gizmo can be used as Home Entertainment Gadget, PC, Digital Signage, Thin Client Device & So on and so forth.. uncompromising performance is guaranteed !!!

  • 01
    Plug. Play. Entertain.
    Tiny and powerful.
    Stream Your Personal HD Videos from your Mobile/Internet to Play in your HD TV !!!
    Youtube: Enjoy millions of Youtube HD Movies in your Home Theatre Systems !!!
    Slide your loved one's life moments in your HD TV !!
    Skype with your loved ones in your HD TV !!
    Walk across famous landmarks thru 3D Goolge street view in your HD TV !!
  • 02
    Plug. Play. Produce.
    On-the-go productivity.

    Except in weird size, Itz just works like any other computer either in your Home or Office - Either for your browser based applications or native applications - All you need is HDMI Monitor, Wireless KB and Mouse. The best part is now you can carry your PC where ever you like just like your Pen Drive.

  • 03
    Plug. Play. Project.
    Your PC-like mobility solution.

    Its versatile features & small form factor will certainly change the mindset about Desktop Computers. It enables to project Power Point documents, Videos on bigger screens wherever.. when Ever by simply connects to an HDMI Projector.

  • 04
    Plug. Play. Thin Client.
    Connectivity at your fingertips.

    Plug PC is more economical yet more powerful with sense of Freedom & Enhanced Mobility, can be used as a Thin Client / VDI Clients. By keeping the staff familiar with different OS options by simply connecting to VDI Servers.

  • 03
    Plug. Play. POS.
    Digital Signage in different Form Factors.

    Transform interactive screens into a powerful Digital Signage or POS by just connecting Plug PC through HDMI Port. It's Shrunken in size but not in performance. Connects to the cloud for the data or access files locally. Thus enables to create cost effective digital signages solutions in different form factors.

The new era in computing has just started with unbelievable specs and flexible usage by providing wide features in tiny size.

  • Aesthetically Small.. Yet Ample Performance

    Powerful enough for eye popping graphics (1080P), High Quality Audio output. Yes It’z all bundled in Little Champ Product. Besides that it consumes very limited power to boost the power in all the ways...

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