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It Shouldn’t be your Curse Still to opt for an Conventional Method of Computing | at a times when Disruption is happening in almost every mean of our life, with Disruptive Technologies we become more Agile, more Wise, more Efficient and more Productive.. this is the mantra we should add up to our Lives.

- Associate Vice President, AL-400 Computing

Server Based Computing is no more a Ethnic Style of Computing With Limited | Reduced Functionality to its Big Brother (PC) --- Technologies has Evolved to an Extent that Now it has Surpassed the Big Brother in all Dimensions.

AL-400 Boasted with Patented High Definition Protocol (HDP) is a Powerful Zero Client (aka Thin Client) brings Better than PC Experience at Just One Third of the PC Costs whether it may be for running a Single Task Low Weight Applications or a Multi Tasking Heavy Weight Applications.

AL-400 has Clearly Segmented the Industry Before & After | Before AL-400 HD Computing was a Dream in Shared Computing Technologies but the Advent of AL-400 has made HD Computing a Norm in this League.

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Technical Features

Device Type Zero Client (Connection to Server thru LAN)
Configuration Powered by RDP HDP (High Definition Protocol)
Supported Server OS No Limitation (Supports ALL Operating Systems*)
Maximum Clients to Server Upto 100
I/O Ports 4 x USB 2.0, 1× RJ45, 1x VGA, Mic-In, Spk-out
Protocol Support HDP (High Definition Protocol)
Native OS No (Because it is Zero Client)
Remote Server Connectivity (Thru Internet) Yes
Video Resolution Upto 1920 * 1080
Audio Input/Output Yes
Wireless Option Optional
Power Consumption 5 Watt
Appearance 75mm(L) X 124mm(W) X 26mm(H), 125 Grams
Operating Temperature Max 48 Degree Celsius
Placing Options Desktop/Monitor Back
MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) 4.9 Lakh Hours
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