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About AW-100

AW-100 is the most economical computing solution for small / medium business or educational Institutions that need several computers for their application usage or project development. Users can run any applications which are installed in a server, each by using his own thin client machine.

AW-100 is big on features, boots up swiftly and logs in to server securely ( either wire or wireless ) and operates efficiently with impressive performance, all with enterprise quality with positioning option of Desktop or Display back, consumes just 4 watt and provides the organization quieter and smoother working environment.

AW-100 with its powerful ARM Processor design is unique in its category of thin clients and dominates in performance and user satisfaction. Supports both Windows & Linux applications with sound output feature.

Technical Features

configuration : 1000 MHz Arm Processor / 512 MB Ram / 512 MB Flash Memory
Native OS : Linux / Win CE 6.0 (Optional) with RDP 6.0 Client
OS Supports : WinXP, Win7, Win2003, Win2008 & Linux
Max Clients : No Limitation (Depends on the SERVER Specs)
Running Applications : Supports all Windows & Linux Based Applications
Color depth : 16/24 bit
Resolution : 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024 and 1440x900
Audio Output : Yes
Wireless : Optionally Available
Ports : 3 USB, VGA, LAN, Speaker Out.
Power Consumption: 4 Watt, 5V 2A- Fan Less Design (Works 24/7)
Dimensions : 6.0 X 3.5 Inches (Extremely Small, about your palm size)
Weight : 170gms
Color: Black

Note : * *OS Licenses & Application software Licenses for Thin Client / Zero Clients may be required by the respective software vendors and must be purchased separately. Please read to the Microsoft operating System licensing requirements from the Microsoft website. Microsoft, Windows, Remote FX, Citrix, Citrix Ready, Linux, Intel, Atom, Arm are the registered trademark of their Respective Companies in Respective Countries. Depends on the RMA Inventory availability

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