XL - 500

High end Thin client

protocols above RDP 7.1 / freeRDP 1.0 leverages Local Hardware Resources for providing Rich & Seamless Desktop Experience - So, Better the Local Hardware-Better the Performance


Mini PC / Individual PC

to run most of the productivity applications - Office Suite, ERP/CRM, Browser Based applications, Accounting Packages - the computing power is ample


Virtualization Ready

easily bendable to use under any kind of VDI environments - citrix, vmware, hyper-V, remoteFX etc.,

Hardware Features


Intel Celeron(D) 2.41 GHz

Intel J1800 SoC

1 GB DDR3 Ram

Upgradable upto 8 GB

16GB SATA flash

Upgradable to 32 / 64 / 128 & ...
Power Consumption

16 Watts

Power Consumption

1920 x 1200

upto Resolution

1x USB 3.0 6x USB 2.0

4(2.0)+ 1(3.0) x rear & 2 x front(2.0)

2 x PS/2 Ports

1x Key board & 1 x Mice

Gigabit Lan (1 Gbps)

Supports Wake-On-LAN & PXE

1 x Serial Port : COM 1


1x HDMI Port, 1x VGA

High Quality Dual Display
Sound Input and output

5.1 Channel

HD Audio

1 x Parallel Port


1.1 Kilo Grams

Net weight

0 to +50 celcius

storage Temperature : -20° to +70° c

1.2 Million Hours

mean time before failure

OS Options

RedAnt Lite 1.1 & RedAnt Ent 1.1

RedAnt 1.1 is the Latest release of Linux Embedded Operating System Specially designed for RDP XL-500 Thin Client Devices developed by RDPians, it is very simple, light weight, highly secured and centrally manageable. RedAnt 1.1 has intuitive user interface for creating and maintaining remote desktop connections to various host machines.

Additionally, RedAnt 1.1 based terminals can be easily managed through Remote Management Tools to provide both end users and administrators a cohesive solution to IT concerns such as connection management, terminal configurations, and system updates.

RedAnt 1.1 is a robust operating system that is compatible by a wide variety of VDI solutions that can meet the demands of any IT environment.

Key Features of RedAnt lite 1.0

Type 1 - for XL-500 as Thin Client Device
  •   Fully Optimized Thin Client OS for XL-500
  •   Protocols Support: FreeRDP 1.0, xRDP, ICA
  • ( can establish RDSH Connection/s to various host machines like XP / 7 / 8 / 2003 / 2008 / 2012 & to any LInux Distribution )
  •   RemoteFX ( Both Encoder & Decoder, SSE2 & NEON Optimization )
  •   NS Codec, Multimedia Redirection
  •   Network Level Authentication (NLA)
  •   FIPS-Compliant RDP Security
  •   Citrix Receiver, VWWare View Client, 2X Client, NX Client, Ericom Blaze etc.,
  •   XDMCP, PN Agent, VNC, REXEC, PPTP VPN & SAP Client
  •   Redirection of All USB Devices ( Barcode Scanner etc., )
  •   Auto Login directly to Terminal Servers
  •   Auto Shutdown / Power off when logout from Terminal Servers
  •   Most of the USB & Parallel Printers Supported ( CUPS, etc., )

Key Features of RedAnt Ent 1.0

Type 2 - for XL-500 as Mini Desktop PC
  •   Fully Optimized Linux Embedded OS for XL-500
  •   Latest Mozilla & Chrome Browser with JRE
  •   Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Client
  •   Libre Office / Open Office
  •   Network Level Authentication (NLA)
  •   PDF Reader
  •   Multimedia Player to play HD Clips
  •   Zoiper / Twinkle Softphone
  •   Leafpad - a Simple Word Editor
  •   Calculator - a Calculator App
  •   Image Viewer - a Simple Image Viewer supports All Image Formats
  •   Skype, VLC Player & Audio Recording App
  •   Can be used in Kiosk Mode also
  •   *Can be Customized as per your Application Requirement

Windows OS Features

Windows Embedded Platform delivers the power, familiarity and reliability of the Windows operating system in a highly customizable and Componentized form, enabling OEMs and developers to configure smart, connected, commercial and consumer devices that require rich applications, services and end-user experiences while easily connecting to common industry standards and Microsoft technologies.

Windows Embedded is a family of operating systems from Microsoft designed for use in embedded systems. It is a componentized version of Windows with additional technologies that adapt Windows for use in and on specialized devices.

Embedded systems are complete computer systems designed to perform specific functions as per the Customer Application Requirements

RDP has Partnered with Microsoft to Make Available of Various Windows Embedded Platform to its Flagship Product XL-500 to meet diversified customer application requirements.

RDP's Dedicated Windows Embedded Team is highly skilled in understanding the Customers Project Specific Requirement and enabling those features in Windows Embedded Platforms plus integrating their applications securely in the OS

Windows Embedded operating systems are available to OEM system builders, who make it available to end users preloaded with the hardware.

XL-500 Supports All Variants of Microsoft Windows Embedded Operating Systems

with Any of the Above Windows Platforms you can use XL-500 either


   as a High End Thin Client Device

XL-500 with Windows Embedded OS, can leverage all RDS services, including App-V and even you can connect to RDSH Servers in the WAN also at low bandwidth conditions.

You can IMD update to All New Features of RDS Services, as and when released by Microsoft, example now we can enable UDP protocol to enhance Audio / Video Performance in RDSH Sessions.

No Limitation in Connecting any Peripherals (Parallel, Serial, USB etc.,) to XL-500, because ALL the peripheral manufacturers releases drivers for windows platform

Windows Embedded Interface is Exactly like any other Windows OS Interface, so it is very easy to get on immediately, configure, add remove any other applications/programs etc.,

Additional Features when used with RDP 8.0;
Remote for WAN - RemoteFX Adaptive Graphics;
Remote Network Auto Detect;
RemoteFX Media Streaming


   as a Mini Desktop PC

Combination of XL-500 With Windows Embedded OS becomes the Purpose Built Highly Secured Stand Alone Computing device, with security features like Enhanced Write Filter, File Based Write Filter, Registry Filter, BitLocker & AppLocker.

XL-500 has Intel Atom 1.8 Ghz Dual Core with Hyper Thread Technology enables totally of 4 threads for faster computational needs.

Seamlessly you can Run Most of the Productivity Apps like Office Suite, Browser/Cloud based Applications, ERP/CRM with highest degree of reliability because of its Zero Moving Components Design.

Supports both 32 bit and 64 bit applications, Windows Embedded Platforms can fit and run in as low as 256MB to 1GB of storage space to 128 MB or 512 MB Ram

Additional Resources

Microsoft Windows Embedded Web site: www.microsoft.com/windowsembedded

XL-500 as Type 3

Virtualization technology is possibly the single most important issue in IT and has started a top to bottom overhaul of the computing industry. The growing awareness of the advantages provided by virtualization technology is brought about by economic factors of scarce resources, government regulation, and more competition.

Virtualization is being used by a growing number of organizations to reduce power consumption and air conditioning needs and trim the building space and land requirements that have always been associated with server farm growth. Virtualization also provides high availability for critical applications, and streamlines application deployment and migrations. Virtualization can simplify IT operations and allow IT organizations to respond faster to changing business demands.

The socio-political ramifications of global warming requiring good corporate citizens to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets, creates an added incentive for virtualization.

Different Virtualization solution providers, Uses Different Virtualization Technologies / Methods are having different Products to address the requirement of different customer verticals / applications, as XL-500 is built on a open x86 architecture (Intel) you can install respective virtualization client software on top of either Windows or Linux in XL-500, and can access your secured Application or Desktop.

Technology Partners

Other Virtualization Platforms Tested & Supports

Note : **OS Licenses & Application software Licenses for Thin Client / Zero Clients may be required by the respective software vendors and must be purchased separately.Please read to the Microsoft operating System licensing requirements from the Microsoft website. Microsoft, Windows, Remote FX, Citrix, Citrix Ready, Linux, Intel, Atom, Arm are the registered trademark of their Respective Companies in Respective Countries. Depends on the RMA Inventory availability

Corporate features

No Fan

Green Computing

1 Year Warranty

No Noice

SSD Drivers

Hyper Thread CPU

Sound Input & Output

Ability to Run 24/7

Zero Footprint

HD Video

Wireless Ready *

Advanced Replacement

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